About the author

David K. Wessel

David K. Wessel is one of six children born to Karl-Heinz Wessel, the main character of “Choosing Sides”. David is a recently retired diplomat who served at embassies in Rome, Budapest, Podgorica (Montenegro) and Guatemala. When it comes to writing about the years leading up to World War II he relies not only on his family story, but fifty years of studying how the Weimar Republic shaped the lives of ‘ordinary Germans.’ At university, he majored in history with a focus on Germany between the wars and has continued his interest in the subject ever since. After leaving foreign service, he returned to those studies and dove into the specific research so well reflected in “Choosing Sides.”

In addition to writing Choosing Sides, David has developed four presentations that provide details on various historic elements of the novel. He is available to deliver talks at booksellers, libraries, colleges, historical societies, museums and other venues. Please see the Events link for details – or use the Contact button to inquire about more specifics.